The first EAGLE course on Evidence and Research in Rectal Cancer is based around different learning pathways:
  1. formal lectures for individuals to gain knowledge
  2. clinical cases for individuals to gain competence
  3. virtual classrooms with tutored learning for groups using clinical cases, with expert advice to gain competence and experience
  4. Examinations on the multidisciplinary treatment of rectal cancer are available and successful results lead to CME accreditation
EAGLE provides free access to digital teaching resources (audio-guided-presentations, web pages, articles from the Red and Green Journal). A search engine allows easy access to reference data through keywords

EAGLE also offers the possibility of active case based learning with a flexibility in choice of learning strategies: trainees and specialists, wherever they are located:
The different pathways can lead to the CME accreditation upon successfully passing the examination    

Who are the experts behind the first EAGLE course:

Director of the ESTRO course on Evidence and Research in Rectal Cancer and driving force behind the EAGLE e-learning course is Vincenzo Valentini, Radiation Oncologist at the Università Cattolica S.Cuore in Rome, Italy

The faculty of this multidisciplinary course includes experts from different disciplines such as: